The advances in biotechnology have allowed a deeper understanding of the pathologies that affect the temporomandibular joint.
Nuclear magnetic resonance images and biotechnology were transferred to the realm of clinicians, no longer being exclusive to the realm of researchers.
These advances play a key role in conjunction with clinical examination, carefully integrated with the patient’s history and pathophysiology.
Controlling pain is a fundamental goal, but it is also possible today, in certain cases, to regenerate structures.


Cephalometry  presupposes that the mandibular heads are in a physiological position and patients do not present any pathology in the temporomandibular joint.
Many of our patients looking for correction of a malocclusion, or a prosthetic rehabilitation, present noises in their TMJ, facets and erosions in their images and pain in the retrodiscal palpation.
Hard tissue injuries as a result of early childhood trauma can lead to injuries to the disc and ligaments.
Infections and autoimmune diseases should be considered, since they affect not only the temporomandibular joint but also all the fascial and muscular chains of the human body.
The evaluation of TMJ and the diagnosis of its pathologies should be an inseparable part of our procedures, not only in orthodontics and orthopedics but in all fields of dentistry.


Dr. Lidia Graciela Yavich

Specialist in Temporomandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain. Specialist in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics. Co-author of the Compendium of Diagnosis of TMJ Pathologies. Medical Arts. Edition in Portuguese and Spanish. Author of the Atlas book of healthy and pathological images of the temporomandibular joint. Medical Arts, Trilingual edition- EnglishSpanish and Portuguese. Invited speaker in National and International Institutions.

Dr. Luis Daniel Yavich

Specialist in Temporomandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain. Specialist in Sports Dentistry Specialist in Radiology and Imaginology Dentist of the Botafogo F. R. CEO of Diosport Co-funder of the Brazilian Academy for Sports Dentistry Invited speaker in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, USA, Portugal, Germany



  • Images in diagnosis and treatment. Form and function. Lesions in TMJ pathologies.
  • TMJ pathologies in children and adolescents.
  • Autoimmune diseases and pathologies of TMJ.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MRI). Method of choice in the diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Tomography and its correlation with MRI. Comparison of data obtained in both studies, done to the same patient.
  • Introduction to surface electromyography.
  • Determination of the vertical dimension by electronic mandibular deprogramming.



  • Sports Medicine: a new promising market.
  • Oral protectors and their classification. Types, personalization and characterization.
  • Mouth guard optimized for the increase of the sport performance accomplished with the physiological neuromuscular technique.
  • Intra-oral devices optimized for non-contact sports.
  • Relationship between these devices with TMJ, posture and better sports performance.
  • Reality of a Dental Department inserted in a soccer club.


High Tech Denta  BJ Jeanne Barret, Parc Valmy Dijon

25-26 October 2019


In October 25 and 26 we will met in the beautiful city of Dijon where I will have the pleasure to share with you about TMJ pathologies and their impact on the whole body system and in sport dentistry.
• We will speak on images of the temporomandibular joint from the gold standard that is MRI, but also I want to mark the signs in everyday radiographs.
• We will also analyze posture and occlusion since dentistry is pure neurology and the interventions that we perform in our patients are present in the whole body. Degenerative processes that affect the head of the mandible, disk dislocations, changes in the growing axis of the condyle, impair the joints. The masticatory system represents the highest link of the postural chain and deeply influences the lower links. This relation is fundamental not only in pathology but also in sports dentistry.
• See you in Dijon.
À bientôt.

Hello my friends from Europe: on the 25 and 26 of October I will be in Dijon, France at the High Tech Denta explaining and teaching how we can adjust, using the biometric tools, the mouth guards and splints that we construct to enhance the performance in Sports Dentistry. See in Dijon!